Monday, November 28, 2005

Pets & Trees’s a good question, not uncommon. Kim writes:

What kind of tree should I get?? I have 2 cats, one adult female and one 7 month old male. I also have a 3 year old grandson in my home. I had been using an artificial tree for the last couple of years but would like to return to a real one this year as this will be the first real Christmas for my grandson.
Thank you, Kim

First of all, I’m glad you’ve decided to switch back to a Real Christmas Tree!

I’m not sure an absolute answer can be given for what kind of tree to get. I would say this: if you’re concern is about the tree being tipped over from active cats or inquisitive 3 year-old kids, the species doesn’t matter, the stand is very important. Make sure you use a very stable and heavy tree stand, and try a smaller tree - say 5-6 feet tall only. Those are lighter and less likely to tip over.

Some people have recommended using a Blue Spruce for the first time if you have cats. The rationale being, if a cat tries to climb inside the tree, the Blue Spruce has prickly, sharp needles...not fun to climb in. But that same trait can also make them harder to decorate, just use some work gloves or gardening gloves.

No matter what species you get, I think you’ll be happy when you realize the special memories you helped create with your grandson when you go out to pick out the very special tree for your family to enjoy. You simply can’t get those same kind of memories if you drag a box of a fake tree out of storage.

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