Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Few Updates ...

Last week we saw an article describing a news conference given by the Foreign Minister of China. In this address, he said fake trees made in China and shipped to the U.S. helps to conserve the U.S. environment. was such a ridiculous thing to say, we had to put out a news release refuting the statement. You can read it on our current releases page.

The winners of the Help Santa Find the Perfect Christmas Tree essay contest were announced. We had nearly 5,000 entries this year! Way to go kids! See the list of winners, their photos and essays here.

Speaking of the environment, particularly recycling...our partnership with EARTH 911 continues to yield results. The number of tree recycling sites listed in their online, searchable database went from 3,540 to 3,824. While the number of visitors to the recycling information on EARTH 911 web site went up over 15%.

Remember, if you have questions or suggestions for a blog topic, please send them in. Rest assured we do work all year, not just November and December!