Friday, November 28, 2008

Think about recycling now.

OK, we all know that since they're a plant and 100% biodegradable, a Real Christmas Tree can be recycled, and more than 90% of them are from what we can tell. But recycling is done on a very local level. It's not uncommon for each county or even township/municipality to have their own recycling program.

And we also know that PVC and metal -- the materials fake trees are made from, not to put too fine a point on it -- are not biodegradable and can't be recycled.

So, as you head out this weekend or later to get your farm-grown Real tree, because you care about the environmental impacts of the products you use, think ahead about your local Christmas tree recycling information. If you see an article or flier or anything providing dates, locations and instructions on how to recycle your Christmas tree, do like I do and print a copy or clip it out and keep it handy. That way, it's no big deal after Christmas to make sure your tree gets recycled.

Here's an example ...where I live, in St. Louis city, they made a change this year and don't want trees put into the yard waste dumpsters. Instead, they have 3 city park locations designated as drop off points. No big deal, it might take me an extra 5 minutes this year. The point is, you can probably find something similar in your area, listing dates and locations.


Anonymous said...

Great article. You can go and check and plant that tree

Amanda Crowe said...

Hey Rick, this is a great article, I must say. It's time to pack away the decorations and say goodbye to the Christmas tree. St. Louis has three locations in the city where you can recycle your Christmas tree. A cut tree should last as long as 5 weeks when watered properly. Remember to recycle your Christmas tree after you have enjoyed it.