Monday, December 15, 2008

Ordering Trees Online

Only 10 more days to get a tree if you haven't yet.

Want to see why the Trees for Troops program is so cool ...check out the piece NBC News did:

Every year when I tell people that you can buy a tree online, I get a series of "I never knew that's". Yep, it's really quite simple. It's a great option for people who maybe just don't have time or the vehicle needed to go to a farm or lot to get a tree. There are some restrictions, such as size and species, but if you just want a 5 to 7 foot tall tree, you can point, click, purchase and it shows up at your front door just like any other package.

We ordered a tree for our office this way and I took a series of pictures to show you what it is like. This is Aly from our office, holding up the box with the tree still in it shortly after it arrived.
The first thing to do is open the heavy end of the box (where the trunk is).
Once opened, just pull the trunk out enough to make a fresh cut off the bottom.
Here's Aly revving up the electric chain saw. You don't have to use power tools...a simple bow saw or wood saw will suffice.

Once that's done, open up the rest of the box, either by hand or with something sharp, like scissors, a box cutter, or as Aly's doing, with an exacto knife.

Next, if you have a type of stand that has bolts or cables or something attaching it to the tree, put it on and tighten about 75%. This will make it sturdy enough to stand up but still loose enough to make adjustments to get it straight.

Now you're ready to stand it upright, make final adjustments and add water to the stand. Lickety split ...the whole process took less than 10 minutes. Nicely done Aly!

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