Monday, November 16, 2009

Somewhat related to fake trees trying to horn in...

Received a tweet about getting a fake tree instead of a real one because they are not allowed in this person's apartment building. Posted below with our full answer.

Jenna (@jmd05) asked:
@Trees4Troops Do you have an option for those Military families who live in apartments who are only allowed fake trees due to fire hazards?


First, understand that there is no fire code that prohibits cut trees from being displayed in any individual residential apartment units. Now, if your specific apartment building manager(s) have announced and enforced that prohibition, they are legally allowed to do that, but that’s their personal decision. I just want you to be informed in case they try to deflect your appropriate outrage by copping a “it’s against fire code” excuse.

Second, if you are able, you are encouraged to share with those decision-makers how absurd that prohibition is. Start with this online brochure Also, plenty of information about safety and risk of trees catching on fire from accidental ignition sources on the NCTA web site . We can’t force your apartment manager(s) to listen to facts, logic and reason, but at least we can stick it in their faces.

Third, fake trees are not really any less of a fire hazard than a farm-grown one. Fake trees catch on fire every year …albeit at a very low rate, just like real trees. Plastic can and does combust and burn. See this page for photos from a fire department demonstration

Good Luck.

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