Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The tree is up!

This past weekend I finally had time to put up and decorate my tree. I put it inside in it's stand on Friday night and then decorated the thing on Sunday while watching football. So let's review the timeline: I ordered it online from The Rocks Tree Farm in New Hampshire back in November (can't remember the day); they cut it down and boxed it up and shipped it on November 22. It arrived at my house on November 29 (that's actually only 4 shipping days because of Thanksgiving); I made a fresh cut and set it in a bucket of water on my porch on December 1; I put in the stand on December 3; and then decorated it on December 5.

That may seem like A LOT of time...but think about it. From the ordering and cutting and putting up in the stand, I actually spent maybe 20 total minutes. Seriously! 20! That's it. Fake tree people are loony when they try to convince people that getting a farm-grown tree is a "hassle". My sister told me that it takes her more than an hour to get their big ugly fake tree out of the attic and assemble it. HA!

Watch the video I took of putting the stand on to get a few more tips.

And here's the final product. Aint' she a beee-yoot?

So to see the timeline visually, it went from the farm:

To my front door:

To my living room:

Gosh, I love Christmas trees! What fun! And this thing is just what I ordered too. Nice and skinny so it doesn't overwhelm my space. And the tree took up a LOT of water. It was more than a gallon of water in the first 12 hours and then another 2 gallons the rest of the weekend. I had to put my reservoir system full of water next to it while I was out of town the past 2 days. It probably weighs way more than it did with all that water inside it. And it'll last for weeks and weeks and weeks.

OK, sorry to keep rambling about my tree. I'll not show it again until I'm ready to get it recycled back into the Earth. Tomorrow I'll post some common and unique questions we've been getting.

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