Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You better watch out...

Final Numbers from the 2010 Trees for Troops program sponsored by the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation and FedEx:

11,627 - fresh trees donated by American farms

5,397 - fresh trees donated by other Americans

200 - fresh trees dontated by the Walter Reed Hometown Hero's program


17,224 - total trees delivered for free to U.S. military families

16, 651 - total trees delivered in 2010

0 (zero) - total number of fake, plastic trees in the program

59 - total bases in the U.S. receiving trees

7 - overseas bases receiving trees

It's a great program folks. You should check it out and try to support it. http://www.treesfortroops.org/

Here's a letter we received last week. I have no idea who it's from, it wasn't signed. I certainly agree with the statement that more people should get a real tree instead of a fake one.

Here's another great letter and photo. I'll let this one speak for itself.

Thanks for the letter and photo Ryan!

Finally, I saw this today in another trade magazine. Apparently, one of the largest manufacturers of building venting products has stopped using PVC plastic in all of it's products because of the environmental and health hazards of that material. So if they don't even use PVC for vents in your walls, why would want to put a tree made of PVC in your living room???


Richard said...

if a tree drinks very little water the 1st 4 days is it of concern. Tree had a fresh cut and was put in water within an hour. Sap has formed above water line. Tree taking up water but not a lot. Needles don't fall off and smell fresh.

Rick Dungey said...

sorry I didn't see your comment before leaving the office for holiday vacation ...as you probably read in other blog entries, that is normal. The rate of water absorption varies.