Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Factory or Farm?

So you often read comments here or on the NCTA site saying something like "you either have a real tree grown on a farm or a plastic decoration made in a factory" ...something like that.

Factory vs farm.

Pretty clear choice really.

So this article came out describing a factory in Thailand that makes plastic tree decorations out of raw materials made in China and even it's having a hard time competing again factories in China making the same products.

I'm sure David Addington at the Heritage Foundation would be proud. According to him, real Christmas trees grown here by American farm families don't have an image problem and don't need to do any marketing to compete with fake trees made in China.

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Frosts said...

over 6 million trees sold every year in the UK compared with 25 - 30 million in the US. How do you encorage people to change their ways to GO REAL ! http://www.christmas-tree-hire-london.co.uk/