Thursday, December 15, 2005

Don't Be Fake

Got a great email from someone today. He had heard a story on NPR about how people are returning to the tradition of getting a fresh, farm-grown Christmas Tree instead of a fake, plastic one. He suggested our industry get a new slogan to encourage more of that.

On a side note: a grower was interviewed on that NPR piece and he had a great quote. When asked what he thought of people who choose an artificial tree, he said, “I just wonder if they also get their wife plastic flowers for Valentines Day?” Now that’s a great quote!

From: ken
Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2005
Subject: Slogans

I just caught that piece on NPR about your association. I cannot remember a year that I did not have a real tree. If I were considering a new slogan: "Artificial Trees are for Artificial People" Too strong? "Fake Trees are for Fake People" or "Real Trees are for Real People". Any will do but for years I have used the first one with a bit of disdain in my voice.

Good luck this season, mine (Real Tree) is already up, decorated by the kids and it looks, well, REALly nice.

Answer: Thanks Ken. We're encouraged by folks like you who prefer a real, traditional Christmas. Just think what kind of special memories your kids are always going to have of their family tradition of picking out and decorating a fresh Christmas Tree each year. It's sad to know many kids won't have those kinds of memories too, they'll remember pulling a dusty box out of the attic or basement instead.

Our current official "slogan" is 'Nothing says Christmas more than a Real Tree.'
Let’s hear from our web visitors! Write in and suggest a slogan for the Real Christmas Tree industry and fans of a traditional Christmas. We’ll post the most interesting ones.