Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Smelly Tree, Smelly Tree

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I have a very interesting situation. I went to a choose and cut farm on Saturday and cut a very nice and healthy looking white pine. (I think it's a white pine).

Anyway - the tree seems very healthy and is drinking lots and lots of water. I tried something new this year and crumbled up a small portion of an "evergreen feeding spike" into the watering jug and let it dissolve. We now have a foul odor in the house that we swear seems to be coming from the tree? (almost a rotten egg smell)...Have you ever heard of a fresh cut Christmas Tree stinking? I am dumbfounded!

Answer: An evergreen feeding spike? Isn't that basically fertilizer? Which is mostly nitrogen, which combined with 4 hydrogen molecules makes NH4, which is ammonia? That's what smells like rotten eggs...not the tree.

Remove the water with the feeding spike in it and replace with plain fresh tap water as recommended in our care tips. A crushed up feeding spike does not aid the tree in any way. You can use a turkey baster to remove the stinky water, or even a shop vac with a small tube attachment.

From: Afottrell
Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Subject: tree by mail?

We need a skinny tree, but fresh, and read a newspaper article about Christmas trees being bought by mail online. We want to order a 7-8 foot pine or fir that is no more than 4 and a half feet wide at its widest. We are willing to pay up to $75., including shipping.

Answer: Yep, you can certainly order a tree through the internet and have it shipped directly to your home. I have done this for years. It’s quite convenient for those who don’t have time to go out and shop for a tree. A list of Christmas Tree farms which offer mail order sales can be found @ http://www.christmastree.org/search.cfm ...click on “Retail Mail Order Trees” in the left column.

Some things to consider:
  • you are limited to a 7 foot maximum size tree
  • not all species can be shipped because they are not durable enough
  • you will need a saw to make a fresh cut off the stump before putting in the stand, even if you order overnight delivery